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Your Source for Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Personal Wellness and Abundant Living

Welcome to Alive2Thrive. My name is Jane Trosin. I am a certified hypnotherapist committed to making your experience with hypnotherapy or healing, a positive one in which lasting change can be yours. I work with all ages to help improve your life by minimizing the negative aspects of your personality/character and optimizing and emphasizing all of the positive traits resulting in overall improved performance, and enhanced productivity.

My education, gifts and experience include: Clinical hypnotherapist, Dietitian, Reiki Master, Personal Trainer, Healer/Psychic/Medium, I have managed health and wellness/fitness centers and worked as a dietitian in a hospital diabetes/weight management facility.  All of this is to aid you in discovering how your life unfolds and all of the wonderful gifts you have and how to share your best self with the world.

My Hypnosis mission is to empower people in mind body and Spirit to conquer anything, and to aid in their continuous improvement so they can live their best life now.

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More effective than traditional therapy.

Have you struggled with weight loss, unwanted fears or phobias, insomnia, anxiety and/or stress, emotional and/or physical pain and discomfort, or do you just want to improve overall performance? Do you want to quit smoking? Our philosophy is to get the best results in as few sessions as possible. We are here to hear you and to help, designing a personalized session just for you.

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Self Hypnosis and/or Meditation

Be empowered and motivated to improve your life.

Learn how to self regulate by practicing and mastering self hypnosis or as some call it a form of "meditation".

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Get Empowered to live your best life now with Alive2Thrive Hypnosis

Explore The Possibilities Hypnotherapy has to offer.

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Schedule a Session

Hypnosis for: Weight loss, Stop Smoking, Confidence, Sports performance, Self esteem, Stress and Anxiety, Pain management, Fears and Phobias,  Sleep issues, Bad habits, Obsessions such as nail biting to grinding teeth... Hypnosis helps the body mind and spirit heal post surgery and has been shown to increase immunity and resistance pre-surgery. To hear more about how hypnosis can transform your life? Contact me today to schedule a session.

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